Online Presence

In Hub IT we undertake and organize your complete web presence using the most recent methods of promotion and product-service placement having driven the latest marketing technologies. We aim to create dynamic and modern websites with excellent quality that meet your needs.

 Web Site Design

The competition and market detailed study and analysis with the development of a strategy are our main priorities for the proper preparation, which is the most important step for your successful web presence.

Website Promotion

The online promotion is the most modern and economical way of enterprise visibility having instant results and measurable data. In Hub IT we are taking all the necessary steps to make your internet business appear in the first positions of search engines (Google, Bing, Ask) using organic optimization (Search Engine Optimization) and paid advertising campaign.

Social Media Marketing

An integrated web presence should have a strong position in social media. This position is achieved by the organised presence of your business at Social Media and the product-service awareness increment, accompanying the sales increment.

E-commerce Creation

Online store's (e-commerce) creation and promotion aims at immediate increase of your profit. Users all over the world can browse your online store easily and quickly to find what they seek and become your customers.

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