E-commerce Creation

Online store's (e-commerce) creation and promotion aims at immediate increase of your profit. Users all over the world can browse your online store easily and quickly to find what they seek and become your customers.

E-shop is now a market that has grown significantly in recent years and brings huge profits to those who operate them properly. Presenting a smaller increase in operating costs compared to the physical store, the e-shop is the ideal solution for businesses that want to expand on the web. At Hub IT we follow specific steps in creating the e-shop in order to win the visitor at first sight, making navigation pleasant and easy.

The steps for creating an e-shop are quite similar to those of a website with some minor differences.

Step 1

Study of Business Needs


From our first meeting we want to fully understand the needs and goals of your business. It is necessary to know the reason for which the website - eshop will be created and to organize the content (menus, texts, images, additional information, etc.). Special attention is needed to images and product descriptions. Here we do not choose the type of website, as only as a dynamic it can work for the constant renewal of the e-shop.

Step 1

Step 2

Website Design

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In the second stage, we start to build the appearance of the website following the most appropriate marketing moves. Special attention is required to the way the products are presented. We are interested in the complete design of the visual effect and the functionality of the website.

Step 3

Website Development

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Reaching step 3, we execute what has been determined in step 2 so that the website is ready for use. Before the final check, the SEO actions must be done so that your website appears first in the Google search engines.

Step 3

Step 4

Final Website Check

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Before the e-shop is online, we carry out the final complete and detailed inspection so that there is no problem and everything works exactly as we have defined from the beginning.

If all the above are done correctly, we are now ready to launch the e-shop.

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